Our Values

America First Agenda

  • Prioritize American jobs
  • Reshoring of high-end industry
  • Free Trade Agreements that are fairly balanced
  • Removal of USA from unnecessary deals & treaties that do not serve this country’s best interests
  • Ending foreign wars and address the military industrial complex that they benefit

Border Security

  • Honor US border and strengthen security through man-made obstacles and checkpoints
  • Address the flow of gang members, human trafficking and drug runners who are contributing to crime in US cities
  • Common sense policy which continues the welcoming tradition and allows hard working families to live the American Dream, whilst standing up for the integrity of our borders

Big-Tech Censorship

  • Support a review in to Section 230 and the protections it affords Big-Tech
  • Oppose cancel culture that #WalkAway fell victim to when our group of over 500,000 members was taken down by Facebook, resulting in the loss of our testimonials
  • Acknowledge the internet as the new ‘town square’ and its therefore the protection of speech under the First Amendment
  • #WalkAway Executive Director, Libby Albert, is one of the main defendants listed on Trump’s lawsuit against Big-Tech in order to take the fight to them

Uphold & Defend The Constitution

  • Pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
  • Restore the balance of power that the Constitution prescribes
  • Stand up for religious freedom
  • Protect the First Amendment
  • The Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, shall not be infringed
  • Oppose packing of the courts in favor of judicial activism

Election Integrity

  • Urge all State Legislators to take control of their election processes
  • Oppose unconstitutional changes to election process from local officials
  • Oppose the federalization of election processes
  • Address the use of machines in our election processes
  • Stand against mass vote by mail
  • Abolish same day and automatic voter registration
  • Make ballot harvesting illegal
  • Discontinue the counting of ballots after election day
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